We provide our services in multiple ways:

  • As independent contractors

  • As collaborators, assisting in grant writing to help bring in funding to use our services in your research projects

  • By licensing the use of our machine learning models and image databases

For crop advisors and extensionists...

This service is used by specialists (either from private industries, government, or academia) who are the boots on the ground in agricultural fields, monitoring for insect pests and giving pest management recommendations. Depending on your needs, we can design an automated species recognition system based on images from regular traps that are continuously deployed in the field.

For researchers...

Our services are used by ecologists, entomologists, geneticists, wildlife managers, and various other specialists. If you research involves constant monitoring of one or various species year after year, we can work together on developing automated recognition systems suited for your projects.

for Agtech companies...

Many AgTech companies are in the front edge of designing hardware and smart traps to automatically monitor and count pests. We work as consultants in such projects by helping build and label image databases, and developing or licensing the architecture of deep learning models for automated visual recognition of specific pests.